Explorers Week 2016

Meet Some of the Most Innovative Explorers on the Planet

At the National Geographic Society, we celebrate exploration every day. And during Explorers Week, we bring together the most interesting scientists and explorers making a difference in the world today.

It’s an exciting opportunity to connect with National Geographic scientists, conservationists, and storytellers. Learn about their latest discoveries and adventures, participate virtually in inspiring presentations, and join the important conversation about ways we can all make a difference in our world.

Explorers Week 2016 has come to a close, but you can still explore the ideas, meet the people, and hear the stories here, with explorer profiles, presentation videos and more. Keep exploring!

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Videos and Stories

  • Protecting the Ocean's Last Wild Places

    The Society and Enric Sala are working to find, survey, and protect the last of the pristine seas.

  • How New Tech Tools are Redefining Exploration

    Our scientists and explorers push the boundaries of knowledge.

  • Dropcams Probe Ocean for Darkest Secrets

    Dropcams are allowing researchers to gain insight on bioluminescence and climate change.

    National Geographic Explorer Brennan Phillips (left) and National Geographic Remote Imaging Engineer Brad Henning recover a dropcam from its mission to research deep-sea hydrothermal activity. Phillips was the leader of the Kavachi Volcano Expedition in the Solomon Islands in January 2015.
  • Flying Robots and the Search for Lost Cities

    Drone technology brings engineers and archaeologists together to survey Maya sites.

    Dominique Meyer (left) and expedition team member Sebastian Afshari launch a fixed-wing drone at the Maya site of Conil.

Learn About the Explorers

Meet This Year's Emerging Explorers

Meet This Year's Emerging Explorers

Get to know this year’s class of National Geographic Emerging Explorers, a unique group from around the world and across a wide range of disciplines.

Videos and Stories

Videos and Stories

Get a closer look at some of the explorers, scientists, conservationists, and storytellers who are working to reveal and protect our amazing planet.

National Geographic/Buffett Awards

National Geographic/Buffett Awards

The annual National Geographic Society/Buffett Awards for Leadership in Conservation to recognize and celebrate unsung heroes working in the field.

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